Equipped with an arsenal of cameras including a RED Gemini 5K camera for ground cinematography and 4k ready drones we are able to achieve optimal content for our clients visions, projects and needs. With top of the line equipment  we are able to achieve once thought impossible shots and deliver every time.

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The Benefit of working with me…

Often times I’m asked by potential clients what separates me from other production companies? I really feel that the most advantageous part of working with me is the accessibility clients get with me. From the very first introduction e-mail right through till the completion of their project. Being a “one man show” really affords you these great opportunities to build great relationships with your clients as you’re there by their side each step of the process. From pre-production, filming, post production the lines of communication are always wide open which is a huge advantage to ensure my clients get exactly what they’re looking for.