PHOTOS: All photos are shot in very high resolution and RAW format. We do ground photography too!

VIDEOS: Our videos are shot in 5K resolution using the latest stabilization

EVENTS: Aerial footage can capture the experience and energy of a sporting event better than simple photographs.

POST-PRODUCTION: Skytography editors are fully equipped with the latest technologies.

MUSIC & SOUND EFFECTS: We offer custom voice overs and synchronized music.

REAL ESTATE: Skytography makes selling simpler for realtors.

We offer cost-efficient packages with editing and finishing options, allowing our clients to benefit from aerial and ground photography and videography services where this once would have been cost-prohibitive. We also offer regular ground photography and video services to suit your needs. 

Safety is always our first priority.  Our drones are operated by professional pilots and camera operators with years of experience.  All of our unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs are equipped with GPS flight systems with live video feedback and fail-safe functions.  

We carry comprehensive liability insurance.